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How to Audition to be on TV

Want to make an appearance on television? If yes, I guess you already know that it takes great acting skills to capture the attention of your viewers. Many actors will tell you to trust yourself, but the truth is, it takes a lot of talent to make it to the top. The first step you are required to make to appear on big screens is to audition that usually requires thorough practice as well as preparation. The good news is, auditioning is never a task provided you are aware of the right steps you need to take.

This post will share with you some auditioning tips that will make you a better actor

How to audition to be on TV

  1. Ensure you have a headshot taken by an Expert

A director or a casting agent won’t need to meet you in person to decide if you are fit for the show or not. Their first judgment will be based on how you appear in your headshot. So, don’t just allow anyone to take your headshot. Take your time, look for a professional that will take it perfectly. And when your headshot is being taken, try to make facial expressions that represent your character.

Remember, it is your duty to find a way to fit in the show. So, don’t make facial expressions that aren’t related to the part you are supposed to play. For example, if the TV show is going to be about comedy, you will have to smile when your headshot is being taken. If it is about drama, you should look a little bit serious. Lastly, don’t try to hide your imperfections. Remember, your directors will be looking forward to seeing the real you in action.

  1. Work hand in hand with an agent

Unless you know how to go about it yourself, you need a helping hand from a person who has been there for a long time, and that is, an agent. Reason being, they can always help you get auditions faster. You can also work together with a booking agency near you, but ensure that it has a better rating from other actors.

If you can’t figure out ideas, you can let friends help you find the right agency or agent who can help you make the right steps to success. Before you choose an agent, spend some time with him or her. If you feel uncomfortable around the agent, it is unlikely you will be able to work with him or her well. In some cases, you can attract an agent or agency, especially if they see you struggling. So, try to look for an audition yourself before you think of working with another person.

  1. Work on your digital presence

Celebrities like Justin Bieber got where they are today through digital presence. Having a strong digital presence will make you famous even before you appear on the big screens. So, ensure you have your site. If you are an amateur in this sector, you can try gaining an online presence by making videos and sharing them with the public. If you didn’t know it; that is what Justin Bieber did.

Also, ensure that you are on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Always remember to update your social media regularly so that your potential fans don’t lose the interest in you. Remember, people need to feel connected to you in one way or another. Lastly, respond to questions, comments and more to keep your account active at all times. Most actors today, were found through social media and you won’t be an exception.

  1. Practice and record yourself

In the world of acting, you can get anywhere without practice. More often, you will be surprised with new scripts, and probably, there won’t be enough time to work on them. Directors see you as a talent, so don’t waste the chance. Practice every day. Find a new script, memorize the lines and try acting them out.

Try scripts that will require you to show different emotions, but don’t forget that you will appear on a Television. So, ensure that you are aware of how you look when you are in front of the camera. To do this, act as you record yourself. Secondly, take the video you have recorded and go through it. Look out for bad habits or facial expressions that you should avoid.

Additional tips

  • Let other actors judge you – An actor who has been there can help you get what you are missing with much ease. You can use a helping hand from a friend who is in the same industry with you. Act in front of them and ask for feedback.
  • Wear a comfortable and acceptable outfit – ensure that what you wear is comfortable and represents your character.
  • Choose a character you can own – Your casting directors will be interested in seeing if you can maintain the style you chose and won’t allow any excuses. So, ensure that you’ve chosen a character you can present well without working too hard.

The final words

If your audition is perfect, it is less probable that you will make mistakes in front of the camera. And that is why directors are so strict on the audition part. Keep in mind; the judges will try and relate what they’ve seen when you are auditioning with what people will see on TV. So, practice and practice. Let other people judge you before you are called for an audition and most importantly, be confident. Also keep in mind to be physically fit and be confident. If you are not already working with a personal trainer, see Bar Brothers beginner workout program barbrothersreview.com. You can thank us later. Lastly, don’t forget to read out latest reviews on workout TV programs you must watch in 2017.