4 Must-Watch Workout TV Programs

Clearly, we are all aware that exercising is vital for healthy living. Unfortunately, with today’s ever busy environment, it can be hard to stick to an effective workout routine due to lack of morale. Luckily, we have more than enough fitness channels we can always tune on. Whether you want motivation, looking for some fitness advice or in need of a workout routine to follow, you can always benefit from these 4 workout TV programs.

1. The biggest loser

The biggest loser is a reality show featuring two celebrity trainers plus health experts, and overweight contestants who are fighting towards transforming their bodies, their lifestyles as well as their health. It also features a two-hour series where two groups of heavyweight competitors have to follow a workout plan and a particular diet to reach their targeted goals.

The biggest loser is all about extreme physical challenges, temptations that are hard to resist and unexpected alliances that make the competition harder. Contestants are supposed to go through a lot to overcome temptations to realize their fitness goal. If you want a TV show that will get you off that couch to start working out, the biggest loser will.

2. Thintervention

This TV show focuses on workouts and healthy eating you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. It features overweight adults weighing more than 300 pounds who are trying to lose weight to become fitter. This workout TV program also introduces Jackie Warners fitness products and gym. Also, you will learn more about how to handle some issues in life that might prevent you from realizing your dreams.

For example, one of the clients of Jackie Warner struggles to overcome alcoholism as well as smoking cigarettes. On the other hand, Jackie’s team tries to advise that such habits can ruin your life in one way or another. If you are looking for a workout TV program that will motivate you to drop bad habits and start working out there you have it.

3. Extreme Makeover Weight Loss

This show focuses on the lives of obese contestants for more than a year. The participants work in close collaboration with a trainer for three months then are left to continue on their own. In the show, the trainer lives in one house with them for some time, guides them and leaves them to practices what they’ve been taught.

If the contestants succeed in achieving their fitness goals, they are offered surgery to get rid of their loose skin. Throughout the year, we see a chubby person shrink as days go. You will feel motivated by how these contestants have to fight through their emotions to achieve what they desire. If you are not an obese person as they are, you will feel lucky and will want to get out and start working out.

4. Work Out

Work Out TV show focusses on models in California with their fitness trainers. Among the trainers, we have Jackie Warner and many others. The TV takes you through the private lives of these models and how they exercise regularly to achieve their workout goals. The third show comes with eight more trainers with different philosophies about training that are aimed at helping people transform their lives with much ease.

It also tries to show off the bodies of these models with the aim of encouraging you to train to achieve what you are seeing. Work Out TV show is mainly interested in helping you understand the meaning of health and fitness. Unlike other TV shows in this list, work out relates fitness and overall well-being with a desirable physique. Reason being, they want to show you that training will not only help you reach your fitness goals but will also improve your looks so that you can be happy with yourself. Learn more about calisthenics workout plan.

Most of us can’t make it to fitness gyms because of time and probably, lack of morale. Workout TV programs are intended to help you realize what you’ve been missing. They will open your eyes to what happens in fitness gyms and try to remind you that you can achieve it. Most of these TV shows feature overweight people whose lives are much worse than yours. You will watch these people transform to achieve what you thought was impossible. Seeing this will make you realize what you are not doing right. Spare your time and watch any of the TV shows on this list and see how fast your life can transform.